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The Ohio State University (OSU): Off Campus Housing

Off campus living presents many options for a new or even matured student of college. “Why should I move? Where do I go? How do I get there?” are all questions that should be asked when considering living off campus of OSU.

First of all if you are new to OSU freshmen under the age of 19 are required to live in dorms. OSU does this to keep you safe and let you get used to college life because it can be a rough first year. In total about 24% of all students stay in dorm rooms at The Ohio State University most being freshmen. After your year of experience in dorms you can choose to stay or go most choosing to leave and live in an off campus house, condo, apartment, townhome or loft.

Right now you might be asking yourself, “Why should I move. Well there are many advantages to living off campus.

  1. Some housing options are cheaper than that of a college dorm. Especially if you have a roommate that pays rent with you.
  2. When you move away from campus you gain a lot more independence, freedom, and privacy.
  3. Unless you share a condo or house with an abundant amount of men then it might be quieter therefore making studying easier and less of a hassle.
  4. After college you are in the real world. Bills, chores, and other distractions become a part of your time. Why not gain some experience?
  5. Last but not least you won’t have to share a bathroom with anyone.         (That is if you do not have a roommate.)

Around the campus area there are pristine districts for the arts and welcoming communities. One community would be Short North. This area is a wonderful district known mostly for its wonderful displays and events of the arts. When you walk down the street you see musicians, art shops and many people expressing themselves through use of artistic clothing. During the summer the weeks are jam-packed with events like yoga, cooking and music classes. A wonderful place to live and experience

There is also Italian village, German village, the Arena District, South Campus Gate, and Victorian village: each presenting its own original and authentic spin on life and each having its own special events. The German village hosts many concerts and plays. The Arena district is the place to go if you like sports from baseball to hockey. The Ohio State University and the State of Ohio have been rebuilding South Campus Gateway and is a beautiful place to live. Victorian village is a combination of all these districts.
The most important fact about living in these locations is the tradition that each place holds and continues to display and practice.

There are many ways to find an off campus residence. OSU offers Off Campus Student Services, realtors are a great help and the internet can even be used.

Off Campus Student Services offers assistance to students who need to find housing in the areas surrounding the campus. They hold an annual housing fair that helps the student ask questions they have for the owners and even apply for the location they are interested in. OCSS also holds two roommate fairs during the summer so that you may find a person who is interested in the same opportunity that you are and also will pay for his or her own share in the rent.

Realtors are realtors. They do what they do best, sell you things. If you are looking for a wonderful opportunity you can find a local realtor in Columbus and he would kindly help you to find a great area and home to live in for your college life.

The internet has many sites that assist in finding a condo or home in the area around Columbus. You can visit all the sites for the areas which I have discussed.

Living off campus is a wonderful opportunity that should be experienced but should also be carefully looked into so that you may have the correct experience. Columbus is wonderful and should be a great host for any student.


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